Why I like to start my day with a long run

Recently a friend asked me how I managed to have so much energy, especially since I rarely drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages. During the day I’m often training with a heavy punching bag at the gym, and at night I can usually be found DJing in one of the hundreds of clubs located throughout the city. It was hard not to grin when I told him it was due to my morning run.


I like to start my day with a long run for several reasons. Yes, it helps to wake me up and get my blood pumping so I have plenty of energy to get through my long day, but this is definitely not the only reason. Like I’ve mentioned in other posts I live in New York City, you know the one that “never sleeps”, and these early morning runs are often the only time I ever have any time to myself. Even if a friend joins me, which is rare, it’s always hard for them to keep up a conversation when we are “pounding the pavement.” During my long runs I usually have the time I need to plan out my day so I don’t waste a lot of energy trying to accomplish unnecessary tasks.


My long morning runs are also a great form of training, especially since I am concentrating on working out with heavy punching bags. Between the warm up, run and cool down, by the time I get to the gym my muscles are loose and limber so I am ready to start my training. I should also mention that my trainer also recommends these runs since they are an excellent way to help prevent injuries that could sideline my workouts.


The other reason I like to start my day off with a long run is that it gives me the chance to explore this great city. If you have ever been to NYC you know that the city is always changing, and there never seems to be a shortage of things to see. Between the trails at Central Park and sidewalks through the different neighborhoods, I am really starting to feel like I truly know my city. While I haven’t ventured outside of my burrough on my morning ones, I am planning on doing so in the next couple of weeks. If I end up too far, I can always take the subway back home.

My life blog

I have two favorite activities: creating music and working out and I’m a lucky guy since I am able to practice both of them, without any inconvenience. As you can imagine, it hasn’t always been this way, but even if I had my share of troubles on the path to becoming a DJ, I’m not joking when I say it has been more of a struggle for me to keep up with my gym schedule, and I believe many of you who enjoy working out have felt the same way during their first weeks of exercising.


I’ve dreamt of becoming a DJ since high-school and, though it seemed like a distant dream back then, I’ve managed to make my music known to people and find a job as a DJ, once I’ve got out of school. It wasn’t much, but, in time, I started participating in local and regional competitions, and the prizes I won helped me stay afloat and obtain bigger and bigger gigs. Lately, I’ve been playing music in several clubs. However, the road to becoming a great DJ and a respected one is long and harsh and I don’t expect it to become easier in the near future. I’ve been through positive and negative experiences in my endeavor and these are some of the things I would like to discuss on this blog, maybe my less fortunate experiences can be of some help to my readers.

It may look like I’m underlining the negative aspects of this profession a little bit too much. My personal opinion is that you can avoid many unfortunate events by simply talking to the right person at the right moment or by having somebody willing to give you a decent advice when you are at a crossroads. Enthusiasm can lead to being careless and, in the beginning I was tricked more than once by people promising a lot and offering nothing. That is why, I hope what I’m sharing here will be of some value for other amateur DJs.

It’s the same with money – even if you work hard and are extremely passionate and talented, making money (so that you can stand on your own two feet) will take some time and making good money even more. Bottom line, you will have to do a lot of volunteering work and, more important, there will be moments when even this type of activity will seem like heaven. About that, more in my next blog posts.

Working Out

The other side of this blog is intended for my work-out activities. I will tell you a few things about how I managed to gain muscle and train all my muscle groups without provoking an injury, which is hard to escape in the first weeks.

If I were to retrace my passion for working out to a moment in time, it would probably be high-school. I used to be quite a skinny guy back then and that didn’t bring me any luck with the girls. So the decision to start a gym exercising program came not as naturally as the dream of being a DJ, but it still stayed with me over the years and I still do it with great pleasure, though I also have periods when I don’t manage to work out as much as I’d like to.