The Best Hits of 2016 for Clubbing

As a DJ, you can tell right away that I love clubbing, even when I am not at work. Getting in the party mood usually starts while you’re still at home, but the truth is that if the music in a club is not energetic and powerful enough to get you going through the night, your clubbing experience pretty much falls flat on its face. So, I want to dedicate this post to the best hits of 2016 that make club nightlife rock.


Major Lazer Feat. Justin Bieber & MØ – Cold Water

I suppose Major Lazer and Justin Bieber do not exactly need any introduction, and maybe the only name you have not heard of is MØ. The latter is a Danish singer, who in 2014 collaborated with Iggy Azalea on the artist’s Beg for It single. Her voice can also be heard on Major Lazer’s major hit Lean On, so, even if you don’t know her by name, you certainly know her voice. Cold Water announces great times for 2017, as well, since it is the lead song on Major Lazer’s 2017 album that is going to be called Music Is the Weapon. If Mazor Lazer and MØ have collaborated before, Justin Bieber’s presence and involvement with Cold Water was a surprise, since it seems like the artists talked on Twitter just before the release of the single.

Tory Lazer – Controlla

Another cool summer anthem that you will certainly hear over and over again no matter what club you will be hitting during the next months is the remix of Drake’s Controlla performed by Tory Lazer. While I like Drake’s original version, since it is such a great reminder of summer days, I am always down for a great remix, and Tory Lazer just did this one right.

AlunaGeorge, Leikeli47, Dreezy – Mean What I Mean

The story for this track is one fit for clubbing. Aluna Francis shows once again that she knows to rap, and she recently declared in an interview for the Rolling Stone music publication that she was inspired to write this song after being hit on in a club and then accused to play hard to get. Real time experiences truly inspire the best songs, and this one is no exception to the rule. It is clear that Aluna Francis plans on taking no offense from anyone, and Mean What I Mean speaks the artist’s mind.

Chris Brown & Benny Bennassi – Paradise

The collaboration between the well known rapper Chris Brown and Italian DJ Benny Bennassi led to another 2016 hit that is now rocking club life. It is not the first time when the duo is creating a huge hit, the previous one being in 2011, under the name Beautiful People.

So, if you plan on hitting the clubs anytime soon, just know what to expect!

New York nightlife is the best

Whether you’ve recently moved to New York or are just planning to visit, this post is for you if you want to get the most of the city and benefit from all the enjoyment and pleasure that going to sights, clubs, and fabulous restaurants can offer you. NYC nightlife is known all over the world for being glamorous and amazing, particularly if your budget allows you to splurge now and then. It goes without saying that, since the place is downright huge, you’ll need to take a cab, use a driver, or take advantage of a rental car in order to get from one spot to the other.

nydj 5

Some of the most critically acclaimed bars in New York are the following: Proletariat, which can be found in East Village; Barcade, which can be found in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; and Corkbuzz, where you can enjoy your drink in Union Square. East Village seems to be filled with places to go to, where anyone can order a glass of Martini, whiskey, brandy, wine, or just a random beer. Yet another popular must-see is the Blind Tiger, whose whereabouts are in West Village. Finally, if you have nothing against going to places such as Bronx, Brooklyn, or Queens, there’s nothing stopping you from sipping from a drink at the Bronx Ale House.


As for the actual things you’ll be doing during the night, nothing can compare to several hours spent dancing in the posh clubs of NYC. From what we’ve gathered, some of the places that have New Yorkers and students raving about them are the Bossa Nova Civic Club, Cielo, Verboten, Palisades, and Output. Something that I feel compelled to underline is that you can’t go to an NYC club without any money in your wallet, as most of these places are rather expensive and will probably have you breaking the piggy bank. If you’re not from New York and can’t really afford to make lavish expenses, we suggest saving some pennies on a regular basis so that you’re able to take everything in and spend as much as you want when you next visit the town. Tourists differ from one another on many levels, but we’ve seen that the best way of making the most of your time in NYC is spending as little money as possible on your lodging and affording to buy drinks and delicious foods when you go out. While hotels such as The Ritz or the Hilton might leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth on account of their extremely high prices, there’s a bunch of Airbnb locations that you can rent for as little money as possible. However, since the NYC law prevents people from renting apartments for anything less than thirty days, you might have a problem in this case. Even so, all you have to do is go online and search for a few locations, and you’ll inevitably come across a few that are affordable and look reasonably well.