Why I like to start my day with a long run

Recently a friend asked me how I managed to have so much energy, especially since I rarely drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages. During the day I’m often training with a heavy punching bag at the gym, and at night I can usually be found DJing in one of the hundreds of clubs located throughout the city. It was hard not to grin when I told him it was due to my morning run.


I like to start my day with a long run for several reasons. Yes, it helps to wake me up and get my blood pumping so I have plenty of energy to get through my long day, but this is definitely not the only reason. Like I’ve mentioned in other posts I live in New York City, you know the one that “never sleeps”, and these early morning runs are often the only time I ever have any time to myself. Even if a friend joins me, which is rare, it’s always hard for them to keep up a conversation when we are “pounding the pavement.” During my long runs I usually have the time I need to plan out my day so I don’t waste a lot of energy trying to accomplish unnecessary tasks.


My long morning runs are also a great form of training, especially since I am concentrating on working out with heavy punching bags. Between the warm up, run and cool down, by the time I get to the gym my muscles are loose and limber so I am ready to start my training. I should also mention that my trainer also recommends these runs since they are an excellent way to help prevent injuries that could sideline my workouts.


The other reason I like to start my day off with a long run is that it gives me the chance to explore this great city. If you have ever been to NYC you know that the city is always changing, and there never seems to be a shortage of things to see. Between the trails at Central Park and sidewalks through the different neighborhoods, I am really starting to feel like I truly know my city. While I haven’t ventured outside of my burrough on my morning ones, I am planning on doing so in the next couple of weeks. If I end up too far, I can always take the subway back home.

My new pair of boxing gloves

You don’t necessarily have to be a boxing professional to acquire a pair of boxing gloves. They may come in handy in certain circumstances, like when you want to punch someone in the face and you don’t want to hurt your hands – but this is not why I bought my latest pair of boxing gloves. The main purpose for which I acquired them was that I needed to do some bag training at the gym. I’m not planning anything dangerous with them, besides, maybe, sending the bag in my face.

My thoughts on these gloves

nydj 4Training gloves are a bit different from the ones employed during boxing matches by professionals. Given the fact that a punching bag can seriously injure your hands when you hit it, they need to have a thicker padding than those designed to throw punches at a flesh and bone adversary, so that they are able to absorb shocks better. With this thought in mind I chose the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves. In addition, Everlast has a good reputation and a long tradition in fabricating boxing equipment. I tried them for the first time yesterday and I absolutely loved them. The dense padding surrounds not only the front and back side of the glove, but preserves its thickness around your wrists as well, to protect them from shocks and possible injuries. Because these gloves were designed to be used by professionals, their shape take after your fists, to prompt an accurate punching technique that will not only prevent you from injuring your hands, but will also help you throw fast and powerful punches. In addition, to add to their ability to keep your hands safe, the pair includes the ThumbLok feature that protects the thumb from being injured by keeping it in the correct position while you train.

Of course, if you want your gloves to last, they need to be made with quality materials. This pair is made with synthetic leather especially engineered by Everlast to maintain its fresh appearance and not to crack for a long period of time. The gloves have a hook-and-loop Velcro strap that allows you to remove them fast and that adjusts the glove to your wrists perfectly. From what I’ve been able to notice until now, the clamps seem solid enough to last in time. However, you can acquire these with a lace-up system as well if you find it more reliable than clamps and they are available in several colors and sizes. I can’t wait to use them again!

If you want a closer look at these excellent gloves, you can watch this short clip I found online:

My heavy bag workout routine

I got into heavy bags when I was younger, and I used to go to a studioNYDJ 3 to keep in shape and meet up with some of my friends. That’s when I learned that a proper workout routine mostly relies on the warm-up you do in the beginning. After getting a punching bag and installing it in my basement, I started looking around for the best possible routine I could use in order to avoid going to the gym and paying a fee.

NYDJ 1 heavy bagQuickly enough, I created my own program that helps me stick to
what I have in mind and gradually achieve my goals. I’m not as young as I used to be, so it’s way harder for me to put on some muscles and shed the pounds that I’ve gained over the years. I start out by doing some crunches and using a jump rope. This practice helps me get warmed up efficiently, although I don’t have to put a lot of effort into it. I’ve found that for more productivity when it comes to my workout, I have to set a timer and determine whether I want to hit the bag for twenty minutes or so. Once I’m done warming up, I wrap my hands and put on my heavy bag gloves that I purchased from my local store some time ago. They have more than enough padding to keep my workout safe at all times, and I’m not keen on the idea of doing any damage on my knuckles.

NYDJ 2For me, the best type of exercise seems to be a timed one. I usually look at the clock to see what time it is and then I use a stopwatch to check when I’ve hit the bag for thirty seconds or so. Each time the alarm goes off, I stop and have a little break, stretch for thirty seconds, and then go back to hitting the bag. It’s kind of like a high-intensity training with small breaks that allows me to increase my metabolic rate without being too strenuous or challenging. Typically, I do about five punching rounds before I take a longer break. There are various mobile apps that I was in the habit of using for keeping tabs on my progress but these days I don’t give them too much thought. What I most found useful when working out is listening to music, either by using my CD player or by streaming some songs online. There’s a gazillion of resources out there that allow me to listen to DJ and electronic music that’s energetic and helps me keep focused on my workout without losing focus. In the end, it all boils down to your personal taste, but I can’t listen to rock ballads while hitting the heavy bag unless they’re a combination of rock and electronic. As for the routine, I recommend creating your own based on your personal preferences and what you most feel comfortable with. If you’re finding this difficult, all you have to do is refer to YouTube and watch some videos where training sessions are explained step by step.

Useful information on heavy punching bags can be found on dek23.com