My heavy bag workout routine

I got into heavy bags when I was younger, and I used to go to a studioNYDJ 3 to keep in shape and meet up with some of my friends. That’s when I learned that a proper workout routine mostly relies on the warm-up you do in the beginning. After getting a punching bag and installing it in my basement, I started looking around for the best possible routine I could use in order to avoid going to the gym and paying a fee.

NYDJ 1 heavy bagQuickly enough, I created my own program that helps me stick to
what I have in mind and gradually achieve my goals. I’m not as young as I used to be, so it’s way harder for me to put on some muscles and shed the pounds that I’ve gained over the years. I start out by doing some crunches and using a jump rope. This practice helps me get warmed up efficiently, although I don’t have to put a lot of effort into it. I’ve found that for more productivity when it comes to my workout, I have to set a timer and determine whether I want to hit the bag for twenty minutes or so. Once I’m done warming up, I wrap my hands and put on my heavy bag gloves that I purchased from my local store some time ago. They have more than enough padding to keep my workout safe at all times, and I’m not keen on the idea of doing any damage on my knuckles.

NYDJ 2For me, the best type of exercise seems to be a timed one. I usually look at the clock to see what time it is and then I use a stopwatch to check when I’ve hit the bag for thirty seconds or so. Each time the alarm goes off, I stop and have a little break, stretch for thirty seconds, and then go back to hitting the bag. It’s kind of like a high-intensity training with small breaks that allows me to increase my metabolic rate without being too strenuous or challenging. Typically, I do about five punching rounds before I take a longer break. There are various mobile apps that I was in the habit of using for keeping tabs on my progress but these days I don’t give them too much thought. What I most found useful when working out is listening to music, either by using my CD player or by streaming some songs online. There’s a gazillion of resources out there that allow me to listen to DJ and electronic music that’s energetic and helps me keep focused on my workout without losing focus. In the end, it all boils down to your personal taste, but I can’t listen to rock ballads while hitting the heavy bag unless they’re a combination of rock and electronic. As for the routine, I recommend creating your own based on your personal preferences and what you most feel comfortable with. If you’re finding this difficult, all you have to do is refer to YouTube and watch some videos where training sessions are explained step by step.

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